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The Love of football in the Country. 

Ghana is said to be a peaceful country and a great ethnic group country. The togetheness is so strong that we are one. We have a unique culture. As it is said, culture is the way of the people. Some cultural acts of some tribes are, the way they dance, their food, their language, their dressing, their songs and their religion

Some of the major ethnic groups we have are the Ewes, the Akans, the Ga's, the Ga Adangbes and finally the Mole Dagbons. This

Well now let's come to football.

Football was officially introduced into the Gold Coast by the merchants of Europe in the 19th century.   It is said that in 1957, Gold Coast now known as Ghana started football with all their everything. Even how Ghana played at that time pulled the fans in the country and they became spectators for the team. Every tournament be it AFCON, World cup, Confederation cup, friendly match, the fans were there to support them. One thing about football which is nice is that, when you winning matches and trophies, haters come inside, indeed the country was hated by a lot of foreignersand outsiders. That didn't bring down the morale of the Ghana players. I'll say that in the early 19th century, when football was going well for us, we won a lot of trophies which is still a remembrance of something great being achieved. You know there were greater players in the 19th century which really helped Ghana. Indeed our fore-fathers shed blood and worked harder to achieve greater things for Ghana. There were great players like Abedi Pele at that era, Agogo, Kwasi Owusu and Tony Yeboah. Indeed Abedi Pele was exceptional, his works he did was great. He is currently Ghana's 4th topscorer.At Afcon and other tournaments for Ghana, I'll say that he really did well to bring GhAna a trophy. He was a good footballer, didn't have any law issue of rape case or involvedin taking drugs to win a match, his character a as indeed complacent. His heart was part of the squad which achieved the u19 world cup though he retired at that time but his heart was passion for football. I'll say he wasone of the greatest in football history.

Another personality let's talk about is Asamoah Gyan. Ghana's all time topscorer ranked first. He did a sensational and remarkable work by sending Ghana straight almost to the Semi Finals in the 2010 world cup wHicham happened in South Africa "zamina mina eh eh Waka Waka eh eh". Asamoah Gyan was on heat that year, but I'll say the goal which was scored and Suarez removed it should have been given to us as goal but Var wasn't there that time, I know that was the painful moment in our Ghana football. And the most painful was when Asamoah Gyan spoilt the penalty for us, that chance was not to be wasted, bUT Gyan played ithe over the bar. After that penalty Gyan spoilt it, I'm sure that spoilt his confidence and career. Oh really like how happy that we were almost being the 1st African country to reach the Semi Finals.

But Asamoah Gyan also has helped the country, if nothing we even went to penalties with Coté ď ivoire and we lost in the Afcon finals. Them force but they made the fans shock again in defeat.Asamoah was indeed a great player. He was even the international matches top scorer for all this while, then finally Cristiano Ronaldo surpassed him like just this last year. He really forced for the country and won the hearts of many Ghanaian fans. He was even a musician, a dancer at the same time a footballer as a profession. His buddy man was Castro the deceased. Asamoah Gyan's nickname he used everywhere was Baby Jet. When he scores goal what we loved about him is his dance as a goal celebration. I'll say he deserves to be a true legend and he can become a coach to the football players. He should should tart coaching the youth, maybe under 17 or 18. Then finally when he is improving the he can finally join the Ghana national main men team. Indeed this guy won the hearts of Ghana fans.

The sad moment and heartbreaking moment in football was the world cup one we lost against Uruguay, when Asamoah Gyan spoilt, the penalty, indeed Fifa praises Suarez for keeping his team inside.  The 2nd pain full one was the Afcon we go penalties with ivory coast and we couldn't win. I'll say that even in the full 90 minutes we couldn't do anything proper with the ball, a lot of chances they missed, it was painful though but they left the heart of Ghana fans in pain and heartbreak. Because of that squad people have stopped watching Ghana matches because you could collapse or be ill as mindset. A lot of fans left after the hearthread that was seen the 2010 world cup, the 2014 too, like they performed poorly. Ghana really need lashes. How penalties you can't play, are you telling the world that you didn't train for penalties. The painful one is how Ghana national team is moving along with politics. If politics goes together with politics,  Ghana matches won't be stable. I'm even sure that because of  politics that, these great players who helped as reach far in the world cup stopped to play for the country. They are Sulley Muntari, Michael Essien, Kevin Prince Boateng, and others. If politics goes with football together, Ghana football will be destroying gradually. It has even started, how recent, we saw Comoros island beat as twice this year. World cup qualifiers and the team is fooling, coach is fooling, he do any mistake I think he must be sacked straightforward. He is not even Otto Addo's size though he even coach big clubs in epl the greatest league than Otto Addo's own Bundesliga.

But what I want to conclude is that, this squad we see in this picture helped us in the 2010 world cup reach the quaters finals, our highest. IndeeIndeed,  his squad were sensational in their gameplay. Now they are gone, the youth are now playing, there is a motto which was brought about that"bring back the love" , so let's actually see if indeed Ghana footballers can bring back the Love the fans lost in the Ghana football. With all the heartbreaking moments, coming back will be tough, but let's pray this team makes a change in the hearts of Ghanaian football. Hope that the team will change completely and we start winning trophies back. Thank you

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