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The Nature of Living things.

Living things were said to have been created by God. God in his own image created them. God created the heaven and earth, the filament, the luminous bodies such as the moon, the seas and water bodies, He created creaturesand animals. He made human beings out of sand and moulded them. After that he breathe air into them to make them live on the Earth. God created the first man called Adam, who later God gave him a companion woman known as Eve in the bible. It is said God used some of Adam's rib to help in creating the woman. In the process Adam was made to sleep so that everything can be carried our well. God gave them the power over all creatures and animals in the garden God gave to them, known as garden of Eden. They lived happily and were conversing with God mostly. One day, Satan came around in the form of a serpent, and told Eve to pluck the fruit God has commanded them not to eat at all. The devil deceived eve into eating the fruit of knowledge and Wisdom and that made Eve disobey God. It opened her eyes I can say. Layer Adam came around and Eve gave the fruit to Adam to taste, Adam first said it's a sin against God to disobey him,but later Adam also took the fruit and ate.  It is said that their eyes where open after they ate the fruit. Later God came around, he mentioned their names, Adam, Adam, Eve where are you. They were afraid to come out and confess that they've eaten the fruit from the forbidden tree and that they were naked. They later came out from the Bush where they were hiding and God saw that, you guys have disobeyed me. Adam was asked why, he said it was the companion you have provided who gave it to me. Every also said it was the serpent who deceived me into eating the fruit. God got angry and cursed them 1st by saying, you man who has disobeyed my orders, you work hard labour and till the land before you find food to eat. And you woman, will suffer when giving birth and in labour. And God said you and the snake will be enemies. The serpent will hit thy heel of the woman and the woman will stamp or hit on its head. And the Sovereign Lord cursed the serpent as well, you serpent will crawl the whole time and will eat dust instead of grass, you and man are enemies.

And later God banished Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden and placed an Angel at the gate so that they couldn't return again. But God prepared a drew for them and the Holy Spirit guarded them the whole time and protected them.

That's how nature of sin was. They then born children Cain and Abel but later Abel was killed by Abel because of blessings on the burnt offering and jealousy for the brother.

Don't know why Sin came all of a sudden into them hope  that one day all people of this world will change for the better and the world will stand again on its ground.

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