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Edemick Adanu

3 months ago


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3 months ago

Ghana and it's wealth.

Ghana recently is destroying. Then times our economy was great and money was manageable among people. Right now go to the stores and shops outside and see.  It is wickedness how the economy has grown all of a sudden. Am even scared that people will be dying of hunger and thirst since everything is increasing on town. It isn't good for things to increase, or else the poor people in the country should say what? Ah Ghana is spoilt. It isn't like first. You can have everything cheaper. Now some place is higher price, some place is sold for lower price. How can Ghana go on if the country is in this state. Then we can go bankrupt any time. It is not good right now our current state. If I should be given 500 gh, it won't reach anywhere for me. Ghana make hard! Ghana make hard! For me I'll say, we've had enough of this party party thing, and this political parties do this, this part do that, I'm sick and tired of this. Government should really make the change for the citizens to be happy. Ghana don't know what to do its sad. God please save our country for us. What our fore-fathers shed blood for us, the new generation is destroying our assests and Ghana stuffs.Indeed GHana make hard and they don't know what they are doing.  It's sad how bribery and corruption are going on. See how Nam 1 was almost running with the money at Menzgold as he saw that ghana make lose. Anyone can scam or fraud a business in Ghana because, youth are not paid properly. Ghana known ares old coast will not move forward if everything is in this state. I'll say Ghana is destroying the country, making it president.

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