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Graceland Memorial Gardens, a brand-new, highly regarded, ultra-modern, and state-of-the-art facility intended to be used exclusively as a private burial ground, was formally opened on Saturday, February 10, 2024, in Berekuso, on the Kwabenya Kitase road, close to Ashesi University in the Eastern region.T

he public can now officially visit Graceland Memorial Gardens.

Her Ladyship Justice Georgina Theodora Wood, a retired judge, was there to grace the occasion.
Bishop Eddy Addy of the Makarios Church Cathedral in East Legon Hills conducted the official inauguration of the facility and dedicated it to the glory of God.

The building's proprietors claim that it now serves as a substitute for our public cemeteries, where traffic is becoming more and more congested.

With a designated area for family members and no worries about crowds or vandalism, Graceland Memorial Gardens provides a feeling of privacy and security.

Families may guarantee appropriate upkeep and preservation of the burial sites at Graceland Memorial Gardens, guaranteeing that the final resting places of their loved ones are respected and well-cared for.

In addition, the site has a very handy restaurant and coffee shop that welcomes visitors from near and far, as well as funeral attendees.

The Gethsemane Gardens, which are situated in Accra's East Legon neighborhood, are run by the same group of people.

Away from the commotion of public cemeteries, Graceland Memorial Gardens has become known for providing a more private and tranquil setting for grieving and remembering.

Families seeking a last resting place for their loved ones can find a clannish atmosphere that the managers have established, encouraging a feeling of continuity and heritage within the family.

Additionally, the cemetery can be customized to a family's cultural, religious, or personal tastes, giving them greater control over the burial process.

In a brief press conference following the inauguration, Mrs. Christiana Evelyn Lutterodt, the managing director of Graceland Memorial Gardens, disclosed that the growing traffic at Awudome Cemetery, Osu Cemetery, and the Gethsemane Gardens served as the primary impetus for the creation of Graceland.

"Graceland Memorial Gardens is ready to pay tribute to the departed, protect family heirlooms, and offer consolation and comfort to bereaved families. We discover peace and introspection in the tranquil surroundings.

Additionally, we have other amenities, like a coffee shop and restaurant, that can accommodate both funeral and non-funeral guests.

I firmly believe that everyone who visits this consecrated land will experience serenity and quiet there, where love knows no bounds and memories are treasured forever.L

et's appreciate the beauty of recollection even as we negotiate the complexity of loss and sadness. Graceland Memorial Gardens would be a place of refuge where we might connect with the past, find comfort in the here and now, and gather ideas for the future.

This memorial garden serves as both a last resting place for our loved ones and a symbol of the unbreakable relationship we have with those who have passed away.

We want to pay tribute to the lives that have impacted us, the narratives that have molded who we are, and the enduring legacies that transcend the passing of time. We come to pay our respects and find solace within these sacred grounds, where each plot symbolizes a story, a voyage, or a treasured memory.

"Let us, therefore, dedicate ourselves to preserving the sanctity of this sacred space, to honoring the memory of those who rest here, and to fostering a legacy of compassion, empathy, and reverence for generations to come."

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