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Hi Reader,

Have you ever heard of the monster under your bed? Well, I am that monster. Or at least if people ever saw me, that’s what they would think. Really, I’m not that bad.

I don’t remember where I’m from, or how old I am, I just remember being alive and being hated and shunned. I feel like I have been around since people have been scared of the space under the bed, almost like people thinking it brought me into existence.

I don’t have a name as far as I’m aware, I’ve been called many things; Bugaboo, Phantom, Spectre, but the main one is The Boogeyman, but that’s definitely not my name. If I could choose a name, I would probably go with something like Brian, or Greg, yeah, maybe Greg, I like that.

I've been shouted at, screamed at, even shot at by some people (mainly Americans). But almost all of those people have been adults, some kids too, kids with guns are scary (and that’s coming from me). I’m not mean, but unfortunately, there are stories about me that have ingrained in peoples heads that I am the epitome of evil.

I were able to sleep anywhere else I would - trust me, but due to the circumstances of my creation, I am stuck, fixed, caught in one spot, destined to always be under the bed. My body and mind don’t let me sleep at night like humans do, nor does it let me stay awake during the day. You know that feeling where you have been up for too long, and your whole body is forcing your mind to sleep? That’s what happens every day as soon as the sun comes up.

Some spaces are so cramped, some are open wide and luxurious, some are simply disgusting, honestly you don’t want to know what goes on under some people's beds (especially yours Kyle, if you’re reading this), and some have so many things stuffed under there that I can barely breath.

“How?” I’m hearing you ask, “How can you be under everyone's bed at the same time?” Which is a great question, and honestly the first reasonable question I have had in my many years of life, so thank you. Simple answer is ‘I don’t know’, a longer answer which also comes to the same conclusion is ‘I do not know’. But a much longer answer is this; due to how I was created and my manifestation, I believe that when humans think of ‘The Boogeyman’, I appear, and sometimes multiple people think of me at the same time, so I just appear in multiple places at the same time. I am less of a specific being, and more of a large consciousness that blankets the Earth (and its surrounding planets - you’re not the only ones that have a ‘Boogeyman’). I fear that if my true self was manifested in one singular place it would wreak havoc.

There have been times where I have been summoned, but only part of me has gone, but even then the summoners have used me, and the fear that comes with my name, to gain power and strength. These people have then gone on to do a great evil in my name, which just puts me further down the “I want to be friends with them” list.

Hope that answers your question.

If I can change just one person's mind by coming out and saying all this, then I hope that person is you, you can make a difference in what people think of me. Spread the word, tell them I’m not so bad, and to just have a conversation with me for once instead of screaming, throwing things, hurling insults, or just simply running away. It saddens me that I have never had a friend, but you give me hope.

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