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A month ago

The Minority caucus in Parliament has urged the government to release a timetable for the current load shedding, commonly known as "Dumsor," to help citizens better plan their daily lives. The caucus emphasized the need for transparency and criticized government officials for consistently denying the existence of load-shedding.

John Abu Jinapor, the minority spokesperson on energy, revealed that they had received reliable information indicating that Dumsor would persist at 12 noon on the same day. He stressed the importance of informing Ghanaians about the schedule to avoid disruptions.

Mr. Jinapor explained that the government faced challenges procuring sufficient fuel to operate thermal plants due to financial constraints, resulting in power generation issues. He highlighted a recent incident where the entire city experienced a power outage, yet no official was willing to acknowledge the problem.

The MP for Yapei Kusowgu expressed frustration over the government's handling of the situation, asserting that the responsible action would be to publish a schedule for ongoing Dumsor.

He specifically called on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to take this step, allowing citizens to plan their lives accordingly.

On Thursday morning, February 29, 2024, the issue of Dumsor hit Parliament itself, leading to chaotic scenes as the Minority side shouted "Dumsor." This event starkly illustrated the Minority's argument that the country was indeed facing load shedding.

Parliament officials had to quickly activate a standby generator to ensure the continuation of house business, underscoring the severity of the power supply challenges.

The incident further fueled the Minority's call for transparency and accountability in addressing the ongoing Dumsor situation, emphasizing the need for a published schedule to inform citizens and allow for proper planning.

The meaning of Dumsor

Dumsor is a term used in Ghana to describe a situation of frequent and unpredictable power outages or load shedding. The word is derived from two Akan language words: "dum," meaning off, and "sɔ," meaning on. Essentially, it reflects the intermittent power supply, where electricity is periodically switched off and on.

The phenomenon of Dumsor gained prominence in Ghana over the past decade, with the country experiencing challenges in maintaining a consistent and reliable power supply. Factors contributing to Dumsor include inadequate infrastructure, financial constraints leading to difficulties in purchasing fuel for power generation, and inefficiencies within the power sector.

During Dumsor, businesses, households, and various sectors of the economy face disruptions due to the unanticipated power cuts. Citizens often endure inconvenience as they cannot rely on a stable electricity supply, affecting daily activities, productivity, and overall quality of life. The government of Ghana, along with utility companies, has been working to address the root causes of Dumsor and implement measures to improve the resilience of the power infrastructure. However, Dumsor remains a recurring issue, which often sparks public debate and demands transparency in communication from authorities regarding the schedule and causes of the power interruptions.

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