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1. The Dragon Flag

Let's kick things off with how Bruce Lee was an absolute fitness nut. You know how some folks multitask by watching TV and munching on snacks? Well, Bruce used to chill in full splits. According to his widow Linda Lee, dude was always working out. He was all about that core strength, believing it was key for, well, everything - but especially martial arts. That led him to invent the Dragon Flag, a killer core exercise named after him. Just picture trying to take on Lee and seeing him levitate on a bench, whole body stiff as a board except for his shoulders. You'd nope out of there so fast, you’d time travel.

2. Catching Rice with Chopsticks

Ever seen the Karate Kid scene where Pat Morita snags a fly with chopsticks? Bruce Lee said, "Hold my beer." He used to toss rice in the air and then catch it with chopsticks on its way down. It sounds like something out of a party trick manual, but it was Lee’s way of boosting those lightning-fast reflexes. Catching rice might not prep you for a brawl, but hey, it did wonders for Lee.

3. Too Strong for Regular Heavy Bags

Bruce Lee didn’t use your average heavy bag. His was a monstrous 300-pounder filled with metal because anything lighter would just break. Yep, metal. Stories swirl around about Lee sending these heavy bags flying, sometimes even causing property damage. Whether he kicked one through a ceiling or not, let's just say you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of one of his kicks.

4. One-Fingered Pushups and One-Armed Pullups

How many push-ups can you crank out before collapsing? Whatever your answer, Bruce Lee’s was more impressive. The guy was known for doing push-ups on a single finger. And when he wasn’t showing off his finger strength, he was probably doing one-armed pull-ups, reportedly reaching up to 50 in a sitting. Makes your party tricks look pretty lame, right?

5. The One-Inch Punch

This move made Bruce Lee a legend. He could literally knock you over from less than an inch away. How insane is that? Even scientists were scratching their heads, trying to figure out how it was possible. There’s even footage out there of Lee performing this punch on a wooden board, which was probably a warning to trees everywhere.

6. You Just Couldn’t Hit Him

Throughout the '70s, fans and fools alike thought it’d be a great idea to challenge Bruce Lee to a fight. Bad idea. Lee was untouchable. On the rare occasions when he did accept a challenge, his opponents couldn't lay a finger on him. He was all about defense, dodging and weaving like it was nothing. Challenging Bruce Lee to a fight was essentially asking for a lesson in humility.

7. Coin Snatching Wizardry

Bruce Lee's speed was no joke. He could take a coin from your hand before you even realized what was happening. Worse, he’d replace it with another coin, all while you were trying to process the lightning move. Fans would be left gaping, holding a different coin, and pondering their life choices as Lee stood there, probably smirking.

8. Too Fast for Cameras

Back in the day, cameras just couldn’t keep up with Lee. When he was filming for the Green Hornet, they had to ask him to slow down because his moves were just a blur. Imagine being so fast you have to slow down to be captured on film. That’s Bruce Lee level.

9. A Slap That Dislocates Shoulders

Bruce Lee didn’t need to punch to make you regret your life choices. He could dislocate a shoulder with what he considered a tap. Imagine the power he was holding back when he was “just” slapping someone. It’s like saying, “Oops, did I do that?” after sending someone to the ER with a gentle pat.

10. Kicks That Defy Gravity

Bruce Lee's kicks were so powerful, he could literally send you flying. He loved demonstrating this with his training shield, asking folks to brace themselves before giving them a kick that probably introduced them to low earth orbit. It’s like Bruce Lee was trying to prove he could defy the laws of physics, one kick at a time.

There you have it, the top 10 reasons Bruce Lee might have been more superhero than human. Whether it was performing unbelievable feats of strength, displaying unmatched speed, or just being an all-around martial arts legend, Lee left a legacy that makes you wonder if he had some secret superpowers.

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