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Demonic spirits are devilish powers hovering over the surface of the earth following their banishment from heaven. They continue to seek rest after they were cast out of the celestial city for conspiring with Lucifer against the throne of the Almighty God. Thereafter these wandering spirits continue to seek refuge in trees, forest, mountains, rivers, lakes, rocks and human beings.(Revelation 12).

Demonic spirits can torment people with afflictions such as sickness, deaf and dumb, madness, blindness, depression among others. The power of God can set  victims free from demonic afflictions and torments.  "How God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with power who went about doing good and healing all manner of disease and setting the captives free from demonic oppression" (Acts 10:38).

Demons know that God has pronounced their judgement in Revelation 20 verse 10. What they seek to do is to possess and oppress humanity. Don't play with demons. They are not your friends but enemies who seek to influence your behaviour to violate the divine instructions of the omnipotent God. They are not powerful when you compare them to the host of heavenly angels. This short piece will look at some spiritual weapons that can defeat them very easily and destroy the wicked activities against mankind.

(1) Demonic spirits fear the name of Jesus Christ.

When the name" Jesus Christ" is mentioned, it becomes like a ballistic missile detonating inside their very ears. They have to run away at supersonic speed to save their lives from hurts and destruction. Demons know the power in the name of Jesus Christ. They will never challenge the sanctity of that name.

(2) Demons fear the power in the blood of Jesus Christ.

The blood of Jesus Christ is like an ocean of fire to demonic spirits. They don't come near the blood at all. If you seek to destroy the work of demons, apply and invoke the blood of Jesus in your prayers Everytime.

(3) Demons fear a man of prayer and fasting.

Demons fear a child of God who is addicted to prayers and fasting. The authority in prayer is very powerful to destroy every demon through the word of God and fasting. They will therefore run away from a prayerful person.

(4) Demons fear a person who pays his tithes and offerings faithfully to God through the church.

The devils fear anyone who pays his tithes and offerings. The scripture puts it clear in Malachi chapter 3" And I will rebuke the devourer for your sake and opens the windows of heaven and pours abundant blessings upon you". The devourer here refers to the demonic spirit. God himself shall fight the Demons for anyone who pays his tithes and offerings faithfully to the church of the Lord

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