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Emergency vehicle case: Principal legal officer owes us a clarification for dismissing request offer - Samson Lardy Anyenini

Confidential lawful specialist Samson Lardy Anyenini has approached the Principal legal officer to clear up his refusal for acknowledge a supplication deal bargain from one of the blamed people in the continuous emergency vehicle buy preliminary.

Talking on PM Express on JoyNews, he said that the arraignment started on the grounds that the state is pursuing the cash the charged individual made the express the tune of €2.4 million.

He said Ghanaians are more keen on recuperating the cash for the nation, particularly now taking into account the monetary trouble.

Hence, Mr Anyenini addressed why the Head legal officer would decline a request bargain proposition of about €2 million.

"Indeed, a criminal indictment might prompt prison terms, on the off chance that it is effective, and bring prevention. However, there is a valid justification we have the request interaction," he told the host Evans Mensah.

"In a matter, in which we are pursuing nearly €2.4 million, and one individual out of the three denounced or two charged at a point, makes a request proposition of €2 million, and we are informed that was even upgraded later on, what might be the premise to dismiss that.

This activity comes after Jakpa guaranteed in open court that Godfred Woman moved toward him on numerous occasions, looking for his help to embroil the principal charged.

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Excusing Jakpa's cases, the Head legal officer demanded that Jakpa had really sent a few letters mentioning a supplication deal to drop all charges against the denounced.

He added that the proposition has not yet been acknowledged.


The Head legal officer's office on December 23, 2021, recorded criminal allegations against previous Agent Money Priest, Dr Cassiel Ato Forson and two others, for making monetary misfortune the state concerning the acquirement of 200 ambulances by Prof. John Evans Atta Plants and John Mahama-drove government.

The suit likewise named Sylvester Anemana, Boss Chief at the Service of Wellbeing at the hour of the agreement, and a money manager, Richard Jakpa, as people of revenue.

Records documented by the A-G's office followed the occasions coming full circle in the supposed violations to a declaration made in the 2009 Condition of the Country Address in regards to plans to secure ambulances for the country.

The A-G said following this location, the Service of Wellbeing (MOH) started activity to obtain more ambulances.

The third blamed individual, Richard Jakpa is said to have utilized his organization, Jakpa at Business, to introduce a proposition and Term Credit to the Service of Wellbeing which he professed to have organized from Stanbic Bank to fund the stockpile of the 200 ambulances to the public authority.

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Bureau, as indicated by the A-G, gave a Chief Endorsement for the venture. Notwithstanding, it arose later that the ambulances had a few imperfections that delivered them unsuitable for reason.

It is the situation of the arraignment that 10 of the ambulances conveyed under the arrangement on December 16, 2014, were in a general sense imperfect with some not in any event, having any clinical gear in them, making a monetary misfortune the state.

At that point, Dr Forson demanded that he didn't approve installment for the obtainment of the said ambulances.

"It ought to be noticed that I, Cassiel Ato Forson didn't approve installment for the said £2,370,000. Yet, my main responsibility in the whole exchange was to demand the issuance of Letters of Credit on the power of the Clergyman liable for Money at that point," he said.

In the interim, the blamed people are being investigated for purportedly making monetary misfortune the state to the tune of over €2.37 million following the acquisition of ambulances.

Dr Forson is likewise confronting an extra charge of "deliberately twisting public property in spite of segment 1 (2) of the Public Property Assurance Act, 1977 (SMCD 140)".

Nonetheless, in Walk 2024, the Workplace of the Principal legal officer (AG) and the Service of Equity dropped the charges against previous Boss Overseer of the Service of Wellbeing, Dr. Sylvester Anemana.

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The case came to another high in May 2024 after charges by Richard Jakpa, the third blamed in the rescue vehicle buy preliminary, that the Principal legal officer recently moved toward him to assist with building a body of evidence against the Dr Cassiel Ato Forson.

Mr Jakpa said in open court that the Head legal officer had on a few events connected with him at odd hours to implicate the main charged and Minority Pioneer, Dr Cassiel Ato Forson.

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"On the off chance that he pushes me, I will open the Pandora's case. I don't have the foggiest idea about why the A-G will blame me for protecting A1 [Ato Forson] when I'm here to shield myself," Mr Jakpa included during court procedures Thursday, May 23, 2024.

An assertion endorsed by Delegate Principal legal officer, Alfred Tuah Yeboah, in any case, excused the cases.

Be that as it may, at a public interview, on Tuesday, May 28, the NDC played a tape purportedly containing the voices of the two people.

The party said the 16-minute long sound is the first of many such bits of proof they would deliver hence.

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Be that as it may, the NPP excused the tape as doctored. As per the NPP, the NDC manufactured the supposed discussion between Mr Jakpa and Mr Woman.

"The supposed discussion should keep going for 26 minutes, however the NDC plotted to play just 16 minutes. The inquiry is where is the remainder of the tape."

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Tending to the press on Tuesday, May 28, in light of the NDC's disclosures, NPP legitimate specialist, Blunt Davies expressed that the tape contained reiterations, covers, and voice mutilations.

He asserted that the NDC had gone through the previous days controlling the supposed tape they played.

In the mean time, Security Examiner Dr Adam Bonaa has discredited claims by the New Energetic Party (NPP) that the copying between Head legal officer Godfred Yeboah Lady and the third blamed in the emergency vehicle case, Richard Jakpa, is doctored.

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As per him, the sequencing, tone, and different marks of the recording shared by the Public Majority rule Congress (NDC) give no indications of altering.

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