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Kwaku, a guy I dated from 2011 until after 2018, is currently mad. I don’t know where he is now, but after he went mad in 2019, I saw him in 2021. His state was very bad; I pitied him and wanted to undo the ritual, but it didn’t work, and I eventually gave up. I saw him again recently, around Mataheko, and I haven’t been myself since. I just want to undo the curse and let him be; at least he has had enough. Can I get any help here?

I was only 19 years old when he started dating me. I had just finished the BECE at that time. He was about five years older but claimed to love me dearly and wanted to help me further my education and marry me. I gave him a chance, and in less than a month, he took my virginity. The following month, I was already pregnant and had my first abortion. I went to SHS without his help. When the time came, he said he didn’t have money, but my parents were capable of providing everything. They didn’t even know I had a boyfriend, so I didn’t care.

By year two, I had devised ways of sneaking out of school to spend time with him. I got pregnant three times in SHS, and of course, I terminated all of them. He made sure I did that each time it happened. It became normal to me, though painful. He ate my provisions mostly and still didn’t give me money but rather took mine.

I completed SHS, and he encouraged me to start teaching in a private school to save some money for further education. While I was teaching, he was always borrowing money from me and never repaying. At some point, I realized I was doing useless work, so I stopped giving him money. He started complaining, so I gave him money once in a while. I went in for family planning at a young age because of him. He slept with me almost every day, even when I was on my period sometimes.

Then he suggested I hold off on going to school so we could marry. He asked for my support, so I took on another job after school. I also sold water on weekends. We bought things and made sure his room was attractive. After some time, I started asking him to meet my parents, but he always ignored me. During this time, I either caught him with other ladies or saw messages on his phone. He had a Yam phone around 2015/16.

In 2017, he locked me out of his life. He dumped me and warned me not to come near him again. His reason was that his parents didn’t want him to marry an Ewe. I was hurt, I cried, and almost ended my life, but I managed to handle the pain and move on. Later that year, after about five months, he came back. He begged to reconcile, claiming he wanted to marry me and wouldn’t let his parents’ decision affect us. Given how much money and energy I had invested and how deeply I loved him, I foolishly went back. I had removed the family planning, so I quickly got pregnant again and again had to terminate it. I was still wasting my money on him, hoping we would marry. But sometime in 2018, I went to see him, and a woman was there. He told the woman I was his ex and that we were over. He had actually gone to perform a knocking ceremony on the lady. She showed me the list and asked me to leave her man alone.

Days later, he called me to emphasize that we were over and asked me to stay away because he was getting married. I cried, wondering what I had done. He couldn’t even tell me what I had done.

Out of pain, I went straight to see a medicine man whom I had escorted my mother and father to when my father stepped on something at his workplace and almost died in 2015. The man gave me something to pour at Kwaku's doorstep. I went there very early, poured the concoction, and left. In fact, I left and went to stay with my elder brother. I didn’t care if the thing worked or not until I saw Kwaku in 2021, mad. I had painfully moved on. I cried when I saw him and felt the need to forgive him. I went to see the man, and he took some items and assured me that he would undo the curse.

I forgot about it and moved on, thinking Kwaku had recovered. But I saw him recently around Mataheko. I stay in the Volta Region; I teach there in the government sector, but I came to Accra to visit my brother when I saw him. I was surprised he was still mad. So I went to see the man who did the ritual, but he wasn’t there. I learned he went back to his hometown in 2022.

I don’t know what to do. I am still single, with no husband or kids. This guy has somehow ruined my life, but I want to let things go entirely. So I need help here to undo what I have done. If anyone can help, this is my story and what I did. I don’t know where Kwaku is. I am back in the Volta Region, but I can make time to see anyone who can help me undo the madness. I just want to free him, so please help me.

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