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​What is Aboboyaa?

Aboboyaa as commonly called in Ghana, is a three-wheeled vehicle that is humanly driven. It is a tricycle used for conveying both passengers and goods from one place to another.

Here in this article we will talk about the benefits of Aboboyaa Motor, it’s Prices in Ghana and it’s differences compared to other similar forms of transportation


The Aboboyaa serves as one of the cheapest means of transportation in the country.


​Most people especially traders and market women prefer the Aboboyaa to taxis owing to the fact that they are less costly and that they prove more convenient when one has to approach some sharp curves or tight corners.

Aboboyaa in Comparison to a Motorbike

​In comparison to the motorbike, the Aboboyaa is deemed preferable once again since it can carry more than two passengers quite comfortably unlike the former which can only afford one at a time. This provides an added advantage to riders since they are able to earn more from a single ride than when on a motorbike.

Difference Between Aboboyaa and Pragya

Aboboyaa and Pragya are all tricycles and as well, means of transportation. Although named a tricyle, the technical word for pragya is auto ricksaw. They have a covering made usually made of leather and rubber (in some brands) and seats at the back which is capable of transporting about 4 people at a time. Many now prefer Pragya than taxis (in some towns) because they are less costly.

Aboboyaa on the other hand, is a tricycle that has a bucket at the back capable of loading items and goods. In Ghana, it is usually used by farmers, to convey farm harvests and farm materials.

Aboboyaa Motor Prices in Ghana

​Aboboyaa motors come in a wide range of varieties and their prices largely depends on the cost of engineering and manufacture of the tricycle. There is an increase in cost for every feature added to the Aboboyaa. Such features include anti-theft, anti-lock brakes and also the fuel injection. Their prices may also vary with regards to if they are being sold brand new or second-hand.

Popular Brands of Aboboyaa Motors in Ghana




Motor king

If you just want to know or you’re thinking about beginning a business and want to know how much a Aboboyaa costs in Ghana, you’ve come to the right place because your questions will be answered here.ere.

Below are the prices of a few Aboboyaa motors available in Ghana:

Name (Brand)

Specifications (Specs)

Price (GH₵)

Luojia Cargo Tricylce 

trailer size(l*w): 2000mm * 1300mm

tyre size: front 5.00-12 / rear 5.00-12

clutch type: super clutch

engine capacity: 210cc

 starter mode: electric and kicker

engine configuration; single cylinder, water cooled. 4-stroke

transmission mode: axle with helping gear

brake mode: drum

 loading capacity: 900kg

petrol: 4.2ltr/100km

tank capacity: 14l

GH₵ 15,900

Motor King 


155cc Engine

Helping gear function

 bucket: 1.7m X 1.2m

 Loading: 700+kg

GH₵ 12,900


Apsonic 200cc,

water cooling system,

helping gears

· fan underneath engine

GH₵ 14,200



gear Axle

Shock Absorber

Hydraulic Tripping



GH₵ 14,550

Prices of Brand New Aboboyaa in Ghana

In General, buying a Brand New Aboboyaa in Ghana, ranges from GHC 9,000 to GHC 16,000 depending on the brand and the year model



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