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I am in a very terrible and helpless situation right now in my young marriage. I got wedded to my husband two months ago. He is a nice chap ordinarily and I really had affection for him while we dated.

I blame myself totally for everything that happened but I need to know the next thing to do now. On the eve of our wedding I slept with my fiance’s close friend who was also the best man. I had never met him in person before the wedding because he stays far away. The way the whole thing happened was that I decided to do some wild things one last time on my wedding eve with my girlfriends who took me out (but I did not have s*x in mind). I only wanted to party and have crazy fun for the last time but I got drunk that night and did not know when I was taken to a hotel room by a handsome young man who I met on our way home.

The next morning when I woke up I discovered that the guy had left very early and he kept some money on the table and left me in the room. I was having a serious hang over that morning but I managed to find my way home to prepare for my wedding that day.

As it turned out, the wedding was successful but my problem is that after the event, for the past two months now my husband has not touched me nor spoken to me. He did not even sleep with me on our wedding night.

I keep asking him what is wrong but he refuses to say anything to me. I begged and pleaded but all in vain. He just goes about the house acting as if I’m not there most of the time. At first I did not tell anybody what was going on because I felt it was too early in the marriage for me to start talking to outsiders about marital problems so I eventually resigned myself to fate when he refused to budge. After some time, he started communicating with me but in a very weird way.

The way we communicate is that he writes what he wants on paper and leaves it with some money on the dinning table. Before, he leaves for work before 8:00AM, now he leaves the house as early as 6:00AM and comes late at night. On my part I also have to write what I want for him. I have been forced to complain to his family members and they promised to talk to him but so far nothing has changed.

Yesterday I was at my business center when a lady whom I have never met before came to me and introduced herself as his colleague in the office and that she was at our wedding. She said she would like to speak with me in private and during her talk she told me to say the truth and be honest with her. I pretended I did not know what she meant initially but after decently coercing me she asked who I slept with on my wedding eve. I broke down in tears and surprise and opened up to this lady. It was then she told me how he overheard my husband and his best man discussing about me on the day of the wedding how he slept with me, but unknowingly because he thought I was a prostitute.

She said last week she also overheard my husband telling someone on the phone that he has not spoken a word to me since our wedding even though I have been begging him. This lady said she overhead their conversation and felt pity for me as a fellow woman that’s why she decided to come and tell me what was going on that my husband was aware of my deed on my wedding day when his best man recognized me as the one he slept with. She advised me to confess my sins to my husband and seek his forgiveness. Please what do you think because I already feel I have lost my home whether I confess or not. 

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