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 Cost t of migrating Ameri plant isn't yet settled - Energy Minister

Energy Minister, Matthew Opoku-Prempeh has questioned the asserted $34m cost engaged with moving the Ameri plant to the Ashanti Region.


Showing up before Parliament on Friday, the Energy Minister said the implied sum is wrong as dealings are as yet progressing.


"Mr. Speaker, the direct unequivocative response I can give is that it isn't yet known on the grounds that no agreement has been marked at this point despite the fact that I can give a breakdown. The complete expense of the migration of Ameri isn't yet settled. We are as yet haggling at the degree of Volta River Authority and the Ministry of Energy," he said on the floor of the House.


The Minority in Parliament had claimed that it will cost the express a measure of $34 million to migrate the Ameri Plant to Kumasi.


An individual from the Energy Committee in Parliament, Edward Bawa said the sum was unveiled after the Mines and Energy Committee met with various organizations in the Mines and Energy area over the course of the end of the week.


Positioning Member on Parliament's Energy Committee, John Abdulai Jinapor has additionally required the movement of the Ameri plant to be given over to the Volta River Authority (VRA) to man.


Talking on JoyNews' PM Express on Thursday, he noticed that giving over the plant to Mytilineos, an unfamiliar organization, won't work well for the nation subsequently, such a move ought to be deserted.


"We're very much aware that the long term agreement has run its full length. Through the BOOT understanding the plant has been paid for. It has an additional 20 years of limit with regards to its helpful life. Furthermore, from what the Minister even put at a moderate figure of 35million, it implies that we could be making 700million over its life expectancy.


Hand over Ameri plant to VRA - John Jinapor


"VRA has the limit, it ran T1, T2, KTPP, it ran the Tema plant, it ran a few different plants thus given that their mastery is inside the GE plant - and this is a GE plant, a General Electric plant - I would wish we had visualized that once we close or run the BOOT the plant should go to VRA.


"So even before you do anything return and hand over the plant to VRA with the goal that they can underwrite. At the point when they claim the plant they will then, at that point, decide how to go about it," he said.


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