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The opening day of the 2022–23 season is July 1 because that is when La Liga's official trade window will open. Barcelona officially ended the season with earnings of more than €250 million yesterday by agreeing to sell 10% of their TV rights to Sixth Street


Even though they have recorded financial gains on paper, Barça is still not in the right frame of mind to make any significant cash moves. In any case, before closing the exits.


Barcelona has roughly 30 players on the roster for the upcoming season, including senior teammates and youth teammates who will play alongside the senior group. 


With the elevation of Franck Kessie, Andreas Christensen 


You will learn about each player's position throughout the team as well as their current prospects in Barça Universal. 


Change list 


NETO: Neto, Barcelona's backup goalkeeper at the moment, is unquestionably waiting at the exit. He has made several unsuccessful attempts to remove him from the club, but things may finally be moving in his favor. 




OSCAR MINGUEZA: According to reports, Mingueza has offers from Spain, Italy, and England. Mingueza isn't shy about attracting admirers. He must first decide on his future.


LENGLET: Lenglet is withdrawing from a switch to Tottenham Hotspur, which Antonio Conte is pursuing. Spikes will contribute a higher portion of his remuneration, and the action is meant to imply a purchase decision. 


SAMUEL UMTITI: This late spring, while Umtiti is checking out at the leave entryway, Barcelona supporters may bid him a final farewell. Although Rennes are rumored to be enthusiastic about his leadership, it is currently too early to predict any action.


PJANIC: Pjanic recently received a credit from Besiktas, but he won't stay at Barcelona. The two players are eager to go their separate ways, but a credit seems more likely than a really robust exchange. 


RIQUI PUIG: The much-loved La Masia midfielder is now ready to leave the Camp Nou this midyear after inspiring Benfica and Celta Vigo with his leadership.


FRENKIE DE JONG: It's strange that starboy de Jong makes this list because of primarily his respectable value. Barcelona has to raise money through player contracts and could soon finalize his departure for Manchester United for €65 + €20 million. 


REY MANAJ: Getafe and Watford are both interested in signing Manaj, who returned from an unsuccessful credit period this month. 




FRANCISCO TRINCAO: Like Manaj, Trincao struggled financially during his time at Wolverhampton Wanderers. As a result, Sporting CP expressed a lot of interest in him. The way things are, though, is how the move is intended to be confusing. 


MARTIN BRAITHWAITE: Throughout the entire season, Braithwaite only appeared in four games and spent just 26 minutes playing alongside Xavi. However, despite not being in




MEMPHIS DEPAY: Memphis' future at Barcelona depends more on other players than it does on him. The Dutchman might not be there at the exit if Lewandowski joins the team. If not, he might end up receiving a contract expansion. 




EZ ABDE: Abde's situation is virtually completely opaque. Although Xavi is rumored to be a fan of the player, if Barcelona purchases Raphinha and reinstates Dembele, Xavi will have little impact on the team. Villarreal is willing to make an offer of €8 million for him. 


Shift targets 


Lewandowski, a standout for Bayern Munich, is the key player Barcelona needs in return. His asking price is €50 million, including fixed costs, and Joan Laporta's side has already had three proposals rejected by the Bavarians.


KOUNDE: Kounde is a player Barcelona needs to add to their defensive stack next to Araujo. The player is rumored to cost upwards of €60 million in total, and Chelsea is also interested in him. 


BERNARDO: The most uncertain of the three, Bernardo might depart Manchester City in the unlikely event that Barcelona is able to transfer Frankie to United. Despite all of that, the transfer will be difficult because the Portuguese midfielder will set you back about €100 million. 




MARCOS ALONSO: Although it won't be easy, Xavi needs to acquire Chelsea left-back Alonso to bolster the depth of his side-back position. The Spaniard needs to return to La Liga, but Blues won't make it easy for him because they risk losing four defensive players in a single transfer window.


CESAR AZPILICUETA: Prior to his programmed expansion being activated, Azpilicueta's transition to Barcelona was generally thought to be clear. However, it is everything but. The right-back position is Xavi's top priority, but he might now cost between €5 and €11 million. 


RAPHINHA: Raphinha is a needed man and one of the best exchange market performances this mid-year. On a fundamental level, Chelsea and Leeds United have agreed to sell the player for €70 million, but he must transfer to Barcelona. 


According to sources, the Catalans are willing to match Chelsea's offer, although it might take some time

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