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Besides a faster, more powerful source of data for your mobile phone, what does this next phase of mobile evolution mean? 


 Is it just 25 more than 4G or is it a mobile upgrade that could change the world? 


 That's the question we asked John Thomas, TD's Global Director of Innovation, looking ahead to Q2 2022. 


 John sees this as a much bigger shift than just 4G or LTE to 5G."I expect that with 5G and home health care, we're going to see big changes in healthcare," John said. 


 John explained that we saw this early on with COVID-19 as many healthcare professionals have opted for video visits rather than meeting patients in person. 


 And now that doctors and nurses have been doing this for some time with mixed success, a strong network could create even more opportunities to help people around the world. 


 Shopping, Transportation and Communications 


 Until the pandemic and 5G and other technological advances, many small businesses were confined to their premises. 


 They were also restricted in hiring staff as in most cases the staff had to live on site.Now that there's a more hybrid model for employees and even online shopping, competition should open up on that front. This is how jobs become. 


 "I think the concept of what we do inside and outside the home is likely to evolve under 5G," John added. "With this level of bandwidth in and out of our homes, the possibilities for communicating around the world, or even next door, are very different than they are today." 


 As bandwidth and performance advance, the meaning of certain archaic terms will also change.Virtual reality and augmented reality could mean something very different five years ago than it does today and in the near future. 


 "I don't know what virtual will mean under 5G," John said. "It may feel less virtual, but we'll see."

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