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FETO compromises humankind all in all.


individuals challenge overthrow endeavor on Bosporus span

In this Thursday, July 21, 2016 document photograph, individuals challenge the endeavored overthrow on Istanbul's Bosphorus span [File: Emrah Gurel/AP]

On the night of July 15, 2016, the "Fethullahist Terrorist Organization" (FETO) sent off a ridiculous overthrow endeavor against individuals and the public authority of my country. Their point was to lay out a revolutionary, fundamentalist system, steadfast just to their instigator Fethullah Gülen.


As FETO-subsidiary armed force units passed on their encampment to possess key areas, for example, the Bosphorus span in Istanbul, and contender planes and assault helicopters besieged vital targets including the parliament, official compound, armed force and police central command; a huge number of regular people rioted to stop this uncommon egregious overthrow endeavor. The plotters killed 251 blameless regular citizens and left thousands harmed. On that evening the Turkish public shielded majority rules government with their lives. This gallant reaction was something the backstabbers didn't anticipate.


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To comprehend what unfolded, one needs to grasp the real essence of FETO. FETO was laid out in the last part of the 1960s as a purported "strict development". In the pretense of advancing training and between strict discourse, it figured out how to cover its defame aims.


The all around arranged and far reaching invasion by FETO individuals and converts into the military, policing, and various government foundations, including my service, was completed for a really long time surreptitiously for a general arrangement, of which the last stage was released on July 15, 2016.


Had the upset endeavor succeeded, there would have been a totally different Türkiye today. A majority rules system could not have possibly existed and key privileges and opportunities would have been suspended endlessly. The country would have fallen under the control of a radical government.


FETO not just controlled a huge part of instructive establishments, yet additionally possessed various monetary organizations. Their financial balances were taken care of by unmistakable FETO individuals in industry and trade, as well as by authorities and individuals from the general population. Numerous honest regular citizens were likewise baited into adding to FETO's funds as their devotion was controlled. The gigantic pay driven from their schools all over the planet was diverted into these records stealthily hanging tight for their definitive move.


Following the ridiculous upset endeavor of July 15, 2016, an unflinching purifying of the public area, including government organizations and the military, as well as of the confidential area from all FETO-subsidiary people and organizations was started. A few unmistakable backstabbers have been secured. Others got away from equity and tracked down shelter in unfamiliar nations. The top of the FETO psychological oppressor association, Fethullah Gülen, actually dwells in the United States. Our administration has been mentioning the removal of Gülen to Türkiye from the United States as well as that of FETO individuals from European nations for a really long time. Tragically, these solicitations have not been satisfied at this point.


Then again, somewhere else on the planet, a rising number of legislatures comprehend the risk this fear monger association additionally postures to them and are doing whatever it may take. FETO is likewise taken part in criminal operations, for example, visa extortion, tax evasion and arms dealing. Subsequently, FETO individuals are being cleared from public and confidential areas in numerous nations. Many schools subsidiary with this psychological oppressor association abroad have been moved to the Turkish Maarif Foundation after 2016. Today, Maarif Schools are working in numerous nations and are giving phenomenal training around the world.


The nature and extent of Türkiye's battle against FETO are the same as that practiced by different nations against associations which had threatened authorities and regular people the same, and imperiled vote based values, major privileges and opportunities. Türkiye is doing what the particular nations in their battle against psychological oppression have done previously. All systems are in consistence with the law.


Illegal intimidation doesn't have an identity, nationality or religion. This hazard compromises mankind all in all. Consequently, the reaction to this danger should be joined not entirely settled. No state has the privilege to separate among psychological militants and no fear based oppressor association can be named "valuable", as per inclinations. FETO is answerable for the deficiency of many lives as well as other grave wrongdoings against the Turkish public. Six years after July 15, 2016, Türkiye proceeds with its unflinching battle against FETO, similarly as it proceeds with its battle against other fear based oppressor associations like the PKK, PYD-YPG, DHKP/C and Daesh (ISIL or ISIS).


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We anticipate that the worldwide local area should remain in fortitude with Türkiye in the battle against psychological warfare.


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