February 6th , 2023


Marfo Collins

6 months ago


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Think about abandon ends of the week, public occasions


Sir: I just read on a stage where somebody made reference to the way that in the event that Magistrates can sit on Saturdays to settle Environmental Sanitation offenses cases and create pay for the public authority, for what reason might the court at any point sit to mediate on different issues with respect to the security of the major freedoms of residents?


The police don't rest or go on siestas however our courts do! Is this right?

Indeed, even on an ordinary day, most courts won't take bail applications after 4 pm on a Friday; consequently those captured after 4 pm should stand by in police detainment till Monday to get equity on the off chance that they are not conceded bail by the police. Is this right? Does Justice have an off day?


Shouldn't something be said about on extended vacations or long ends of the week like this last Sallah (Eid-el-Kabir) where our courts continued on Wednesday (July 13). The individual captured on a Friday night should burn through the entirety of his Sallah in a police cell… besides obviously the person in question has sufficient cash or family that can give sufficient pay off cash to his delivery.


Might we at any point have judges and officers that care enough for the residents and for equity? The response is yes and we in all actuality do have them yet how would we treat these Judges and Magistrates? One reason our equity framework isn't working is on the grounds that we haven't given sufficient consideration nor spent sufficient cash on guaranteeing that our equity framework works.


For what reason might we at any point have judges showing up on Saturday or Sunday? Perhaps in light of the fact that we have exhausted them, dealing with more than 200 cases in five working days, recording in lengthy hands and sitting for five to eight hours in a row is quite serious.

Maybe in the event that we utilized more judges or we are sufficiently brilliant to change our bail conditions, we may simply finish some equity to serve residents… I have a couple of thoughts. #justiceaboveall


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