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What would occur if your home life were more well-organized than it is at the moment? Achieving a work-life balance is possible.


What resources do we have at our disposal? Could setting up appointments and keeping them at home allow us to prioritize while saving time?


What problem do we have to solve? Especially in the times we live in, I occasionally find that my busiest times are when I'm at home.


Imagine someone who works from home, educates their children at home, and occasionally even has a side business. Consider the full-time home-based businessperson as well.


How do they accomplish everything that needs to be done in a day? Today's entrepreneurs and even many employees of large corporations have embraced the work-from-home lifestyle.


Due to the blurring of the barriers between home and work, this has its issues. These ambiguous boundaries and restrictions on the finite resource known as time lead to overworked, underrested, and burnt-out people.


While effective time management has been promoted and even accepted in the office, I think more has to be done to alter people's perspectives in order to achieve the illusive work-life balance.


What resources do we have at our disposal? Setting daily goals, carefully prioritizing, allocating time limits for each work, organizing oneself, and enforcing the discipline of appointments are just a few strategies one may use to manage time successfully at home. Yes, a home appointment.


We could spend a lot of time debating the advantages and disadvantages of each intervention, but I think it's more important to concentrate on the appointments themselves and observe how they may significantly alter one's day, whether it's a weekday or a weekend. 


Without intrusions, life is already very hectic. How do you respond to someone who declares their presence at the gate is the question.


These could be family members, close friends, or a salesperson for a product you don't even require. Instead of advocating regimentation, I'm encouraging a mindset that prioritizes the vital things in life.


Everything we do well is the result of meticulous planning and execution. I beg you to include scheduling and planning in your toolkit because I firmly think that you cannot manage time if you do not manage yourself.


I am not referring to something I don't do. I schedule appointments with my employer, other people, and myself because I have a lot to accomplish in a day.


Could setting up appointments and keeping them at home allow us to prioritize while saving time? While we've established that making and keeping appointments is standard business procedure, we need to give up the liberal open-door policy that allows anybody and everyone access to us whenever they want at home.. Please be considerate of my perspective.


Each of us is capable of greatness, but in order to realize it, we must cultivate noble habits. Utilizing home appointments and just visiting individuals you had committed to see eliminates unnecessary encounters, especially during the times when you may be the most productive.


It doesn't matter if you live in a low-density or high-density residential area—I know this will depend on your culture, region, and amount of wealth—the requirement to be effective and structured always applies.


Controlling access affects your level of organization, as well as how well you work and rest when it's time to take a break. 


What must we change, exactly? We need to exercise self-control and diligence, as well as learn when to say no and when an appointment should be scheduled for a later date.


What are the benefits of this approach? You are not always working overtime to meet deadlines, and you are not always exhausted from not taking a break to rest.


You have given yourself ample time to spend with a loved one or members of your family. I'm sure you understand what I'm saying if you're a busy person.


It requires some type of structure to enjoy "me-time," family time, or uninterrupted work time.

I'm not arguing that people who show up unexpectedly are terrible. They are usually folks you enjoy being around, so no, not at all.


However, prior arrangement is required so that you can attend to your visitor(s) at a time that works for both of you. It can be quite disturbing and a full day can go pass by without achieving anything that you had planned to do.


As we get older, we realize how important it is to arrange time for relaxation and healing. The fact that I am relaxing doesn't mean that I don't have anything to do.


Therefore, it is incorrect to presume that you are available simply because you are at home. Perhaps you have set aside that time to relax. That is crucial. You must schedule time for yourself, and spouses must schedule time for one another.


Parents should set aside some time to spend with their kids. When your life is organized, you can control who sees you and who you see. Additionally, it implies that your relationships will be solid, which will make you happier overall. 


In conclusion, I think it is possible to strike a balance between work and life. The same number of tools are available to us as in the business. If we were disciplined enough to make only the commitments we could keep, I think we could accomplish more and be happier.


I'm positive that scheduling appointments and having them at home allow us to prioritize while also saving time.

Fitzgerald Mujuru has over twenty years of experience in marketing and sales for well-known international brands.


He is a fusion of a business coach, personal effectiveness coach, business consultant, marketing strategist, sales zealot, speaker, and brand builder. He has extensive managerial business experience across many industries. His areas of expertise include marketing, brand development, sales, business strategy, management, and providing leaders and teams with tools for individual and group effectiveness.


For businesses in the professional services, media, communications, training and development, and non-profit organizations, he has managed a variety of consulting tasks.

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