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A year ago

When Ralf Rangnick was in charge of Old Trafford last season, Fred was one of the team's lone bright spots. 

In the dugout, Casemiro is seated next to Fred. 

Ralf Rangnick and Paul Scholes both think that Manchester United should give Fred every opportunity to succeed this season. 

Paul Scholes has heaped praise on Manchester United new signing Casemiro. (Photo by PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Although he has received criticism at various points in his Old Trafford career, Brazilian international Fred has played a regular role for all of the team's managers since joining the organization four years ago. United signed Casemiro from Real Madrid during this summer transfer window, which closes tomorrow at 11 p.m. Casemiro is the team's first acquisition in central midfield since Fred.

When Erik ten Hag was appointed manager, United switched their focus to Frenkie de Jong from their initial desire for Declan Rice. However, there have been some well-publicized roadblocks to any potential pursuit, and Casemiro, 30, has naturally assumed center stage in the wake of his £60 million transfer. 

But as the season progresses, what will that entail for fellow countrymen Fred and Scott McTominay? 

Rangnick told Sports the following in April about Fred: "He is a true team player who gives everything he has and would sacrifice everything for the team, in my opinion, making him an incredibly valuable player. 

Paul Scholes has heaped praise on Manchester United new signing Casemiro.

"Additionally, he is a goal-scoring player with some unexpected aspects to his game.tiny flick-ons He is also capable of playing technically." 

Rangnick went on to say "His combination of skills makes him very valuable, and it doesn't do him justice to classify him as just a defensive midfielder or a number six. He is capable of much more than just defense." 

Scholes cited Casemiro's presence as a potential impetus for his countrymen Fred to thrive going ahead, despite the fact that he frequently criticized Fred for his performances in the backroom team. While working for Sport, he said: "He will significantly increase the midfield's experience. Although Scott and Fred aren't very young, Casemiro will assist them.

"I've always felt that they were more inventive moving forward and played better further up the field. Both of them don't seem particularly adept at the sitting role they have been asked to perform. Both of them are excellent game controllers, but I don't believe they do it defensively. Casemiro may let these guys go and succeed somewhere."

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