December 6th , 2022


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Fulani Chief declares war on criminals and vows to bring them to justice.

Alhaji Osman Bin Ahmed, Vice President of the Council of Fulani Chiefs, has warned Fulani community members to refrain from actions that bring the Fulani community's name and reputation into disrepute.

He stated that the few members of the Fulani fraternity who engage in such cruel acts as kidnapping and others will be smoked out and dealt with in accordance with the country's laws, adding that they (the leaders) are currently at war with them (the criminals).

"As Fulani leaders in this country, the issue of security is a nightmare for all of us. The issue of security is always a concern. You are aware of it. We are leaders who always speak the truth to you. We are now declaring war on those who are kidnapping people and making people unhappy in this country. We will expose you all. Ghana is a very peaceful country, and we will not sit back and allow you to destabilize it," he warned.

He also urged members of the community to seek employment for themselves and their children and to refrain from engaging in kidnapping or paying ransoms to kidnappers in exchange for the release of their kidnapped relatives.

"Don't give money to anyone they kidnap." Don't hand over any money. That will not happen. If you kidnap someone and are not given a Kobo, I am confident you will release the person. They can kill whoever they want, but they must not pay any ransom to anyone. This is becoming serious, and I can assure you that we will expose you," he stated emphatically.

He continued, “Go and work. Go and find work to do and don’t be kidnapping people for Money. This thing is happening in Nigeria and we will not allow it to happen in Ghana. Ghana is our home. This is where we are born, this is what we know and we will never allow you to succeed. The Youth should learn a trade. Train your children to learn carpentry, train your children to learn plumbing, train your children to learn any job but stop exploiting people”

On Thursday, September 2, 2022, Alhaji Osman Bin Ahmed delivered these remarks at the Kintampo Presbyterian School park during the coronation of Chief Modibo Amadu Awaudu Sidi as the new chief for the Fulani community in Kintampo Municipality. Chief Modibo Amadu's enskinment follows a seven-year chieftaincy battle between two royal gates following the death of their former chief, Ali Awudu Sidi.

Meanwhile, the Kintampo North District police commander, Chief Superintendent Abanga Caeser, speaking on the same occasion, assuaged public concerns about kidnapping and other crimes in the District, saying everything was under control. He, however, appealed to chiefs and other opinion leaders to desist from using their positions to influence the release of suspects in police custody and allow the laws to work.

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