December 10th , 2022


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2 months ago

One of the family members of the murdered pregnant 15-year-old finally speaks. The sister of the deceased spoke in an interview with Abena Gold on GhPage TV.

According to the sister, her younger sister  identified as Safowaa who was killed  lived an unruly life since she was in class 6. She adds that Safowaa wanted to stop school when she was due for JHS.

As a result of this, she was left to live life as she pleases on her own. The family washed their hands off her case. Young Safowaa took delight in befriending others with a bad influence on her life.

Fast forward, while addressing the sad incident, the sister stated boldly to Abena Gold that her little sister was not raped as it was earlier reported to the public by eyewitnesses when the news broke.

The sister mentioned that she went to meet Safowaa’s lifeless body when the incident happened and nothing showed she was raped or something related was done to her, however, she believes her sister was used for rituals.

This news is fast spreading online and family and users online are calling on the police to embark on serious investigations and bring the perpetrators to book.

Watch the full interview on the Youtube channel of Ghpage via the link provided below.


A young man bags two months jail term over threat to harm his biological father.

The suspect reportedly threatened to harm his father, Musyoka Kisavu, for failing to take care of his needs.

A court has sentenced a 28-year-old man identified as Benson Musyoka to two months in prison for threatening to harm his father.

Benson reportedly threatened to harm his father, Musyoka Kisavu, for failing to take care of his needs.

The court heard that the accused, who is a carpenter, had been offered accommodation by his father but continued to demand that he be provided with food and other basic needs, demands the old man was unable to meet.

Shortly after pleading guilty to the charges, Mombasa Senior Principal Magistrate Vincent Adet ordered Benson Musyoka to be incarnated at the Shimo La Tewa GK Prison.

Adet said;

"I think you are of age, and it's out of place for you to threaten to harm your father, on your admission you informed this court that you have been demanding your father to take care of you in his old age, the court will sentence you to two months to mend your ways."

The magistrate noted that intervention by the local administration among them village elders and chiefs had failed to work and as such it was the court's work to restrain him.


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