December 6th , 2022


Retta Sam

2 months ago


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Hiiii cupcakesssss!🥺

It's the 15th🎉 How are we doing??? I hope we're all staying safe. This pandemic is still very real, and so is its more evil, shall still remain nameless twin. Observe all safety protocols, unless you absolutely can't, because your life truly does depend on it.

In August, I wrote zilch! I saw it coming, my memos did their work and I still didn't do squat. In my defence, the very week I was to upload last month's piece, I had a lot going on. Too much that I was stressed to the point of near sickness. A concert, interim assessments and the completion of a thoroughly draining process. These took my world and I couldn't think clearly enough to write something.

But all those are over and here I am again!!

It's exam season up in here and a girl is hottttttttt😂😭. I need to be learning but I'm putting this together because if I don't do it now, I won't do it anytime soon.

We're nearing the end of an academic year and I've learnt a lot about people, about me and other things in life. I'll be turning a new year soon, as well, and honestly, I'm not prepared for what the day and the aftermath might bring.

I've struggled a lot emotionally and to a point, mentally, and I just wish at the 00:00 of every birthday, your life resets and you get a tangible clean slate. 

Here are a couple of things I've learned so far:

1. The need to value my worth, but in moderation: When you come to realise your self-worth a little later in life, there's a lot of healing and growing up to do because the damage has already been done. Your self-esteem gets the much-needed boost it deserves but you ought to be careful because then you start seeing and understanding how certain relationships around you are not the best but you might get so overconfident you approach solving it the wrong way. 

2. Be mindful: Human beings can be terribly manipulative people but just because you can doesn't mean you need to sink to their level to get the aggravated feeling right back across. Never forget where you come from and what it is about you that should make you handle things way better. Just the way you need to check how you relate with others, you also need to check mental and emotional health in the process. If someone's energy is upsetting you and you truly can't deal with it, set some distance and boundaries till you can. 

3. Be teachable in areas where you lack: Using myself as an example. I'm not great on the social level. I have a very low social battery. But sometimes, it's essential to learn how to interact outside of my self-perceived limitations. I sometimes have to open up a little more. I may be wary of this but it goes a long way. So try it, sometimes! 

4. Embrace that you are human and work around it: This is hardddd! Embrace the bad sides and failures that you have as a person is dreadful because the guilt overwhelms you, the pain is constant and the change is incredibly slow. Embrace who you are and invest in it! It's the little things that help you. Words of affirmation, quotes and anything else that might motivate you. If you're a person who is not a self-motivator by nature and sometimes needs human validation, it stands to reason this will be infinitely harder but breathe and take it one day at a time. 

5. Start taking risks and showing up for your dreams: The excuses are enough. You have every reason to do it. The process might be tedious but it is worth the results. Show up for you! It's your time to shine. 

6. Don't take people and situations at face value... There's always more to it than the eye meets. 

7. Finally, give yourself a little grace. You won't always get growth right the first time. Don't be discouraged. The Lord is on your side! 


This is barely scratching the surface of the many lessons that have made it their mission to bombard me on the regular😂. I'm choosing to end here because I really do have to go. Thank you for reading. I'd love some feedback 🥂

Till 15th October, 



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