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The “Akple”, “Soups” and “Stews” prepared on the Traditional “MEKPLI”, tastes uniquely awesome in an indigenous way words cannot explain.

It has this satisfying aroma and introduces a different kind of vibe into your system after eating. 

Only those who have felt it can speak of this feeling. I believe they cook with MEKPLI in Heaven.

#Mekpli is the Ewe name for the Stationary Tradition earthenware tripod cooking oven made out of Red clay. It was an essential part of every household before the invention of cooking with charcoal, Gas, Electric stoves and the others. A few households especially in the local communities still use it.

MEKPLI is made out of red clay and uses firewood as its fuel. And cooking Akple on it requires the following.

#EZE - Cooking Pot either made out of clay or iron is all good for cooking Akple.

#ZELEGA - Metal Rod with a hook like edge at one side, used to hold the pot on the MEKPLI before putting your legs on as you drive the Akple. ZE is “Pot”, LE is “Hold” and GA stands for “iron or metal”.

#AKPLEDATSI - Is the specially designed stick like a ladle with a flat edge at one side used in driving the Akple to cook. “AKPLE” is the Food, DA means to “Cook” and “TSI” means stick as in “Atsi”(Stick).

#AKPLEKATSI - Is the wooden big spoon like a Spatula and is used to apportion or cut the Akple from the pot on the fire as it is well cooked. AKPLE is the food, KA means to “Cut” and TSI means “Stick”.

And then we have different kinds of Akple we cook on the MEKPLI. We have;

#AMORKPLE - This is a mixture of Cassava dough and Corn dough with the Corn dough having a larger proportion than the Cassava dough. This is my favorite.

#EWORKPLE - This is Akple cooked with only dried Corn Flour. Eworkple has a unique way it is prepared. This is my Dads favorite.

#DZENKPLE - This is when you use either stew or red oil or the stock from booking the meat to cook Akple using only Corn flour. Dzemkple has different types from #AgalaDzenkple (They use crab to prepare it), #AborbiDzenkple (They use Aborbitadi to prepare it, #EgborDzenkple (They use Goat meat to prepare it, #KokloDzenkple (They use Chicken to prepare it). And Dzenkple is the Gods favorite so you’ll definitely love it.

#AYIKPLE - This is the Akple using Beans. This type of Akple also has a unique way of preparation where grated coconut juice and some unique spices are used with the beans and a little corn flour. This is everyone who loves good foods favorite.

#MORLUKPLE - This is Akple made from Rice. Or Rice balls.

Be sincere, have you ever eaten food prepared on “Mekpli” before? You need to try this out.

And I think Volta Region needs to initiate a “#MEKPLI_FESTIVAL” where all foods are cooked on MEKPLI.



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