December 10th , 2022



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2 months ago

Nana Obiri Boahen, a former deputy general secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has charged the former Mahama administration with giving Chinese galamsey kingpin Aisha Huang an unlimited residency visa.

The former NPP writer criticized the opposition National Democratic Congress for politicizing the trial of the Chinese national and the subsequent uncertainty it raised in an interview with Okay FM on September 16.

Regarding his main charge, Obiri Boahen said that Aisha Huang received the residence permit in 2015 despite her prior attempts to do so when President Kufuor was in office. Would you believe that Aisha Huang received an indefinite residency permit here in Ghana on March 28, 2015? Hence, she will always reside here.

NDC was in charge of this at the time. Aisha Huang received the authorization from President Mahama's administration on March 28, 2015. She tried unsuccessfully to obtain the permission while President Kufuor was in office, he continued.

Regarding Aisha Huang's whereabouts in 2018 following the state's nolle prosequi in a case involving her, there have been conflicting reports.

State prosecutors in her most recent case claimed that she fled the nation clandestinely, despite the government's insistence that she departed the country's borders.

In a radio interview with a Ho-based station, President Nana Akufo-Addo also questioned if Aisha Huang had been deported or had departed the country.

"I am still unsure if she was actually deported or if she initially departed the country and has since returned, or whatever," the president remarked. There still appears to be some ambiguity about it.

The Minority is asking for a thorough investigation into the circumstances behind Aisha Huang's "deportation," which has caused the president's remark to draw criticism.

Aisha Huang and her three accomplices have been denied bail in the meantime. For two weeks, they have been remanded in detention. The AG charged Ms. Huang with four new offenses last Friday, one of which is related to

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