February 5th , 2023


Emmanuel Adjei

4 months ago


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4 months ago

Dr. Christopher Ampadu, the West African Director of Samaritan Strategy, has urged Ghanaians to exercise caution in their regular activities to stay safe.

Dr. Christopher Ampadu warned the populace to be alert for potential danger so they don't become victims of attackers.

Following recent killings at Wa in the Upper West Region, he admonished the subject.

Due to the recent deaths of some people in the region, Wa is in a state of mourning.

In connection with the killings, the police have detained one suspect and are looking for other offenders.

Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), has informed the neighborhood that the police will apprehend all of the offenders.

The IGP gave the locals the assurance that "we would maintain improving on the security situation because we are there for you."

Dr. Christopher Ampadu praised the Police for their prompt response to the situation while discussing the issue on Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" show.

He expressed confidence in the security service's ability to capture the offenders but cautioned the locals to exercise caution.

According to him, even though the police are in charge of maintaining the country's security, it is the responsibility of the general public to be extremely vigilant and provide the police with pertinent information so they can pounce on criminals.

"Everyone must be on guard so that, in the event that you are acting as your own watchman, you can warn the police or security people, as they cannot be everywhere at once. We must all exercise caution... "In terms of national security, we play a part," he declared.

People in Wa have been in sorrow repeatedly. There was a time when Wa did not have any murders or homicides because of a lack of time. According to reports of killings and murders, today is expected to be the worst day in Wa.

My sincere condolences go out to any family that has lost a loved one.


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