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Dr. Ishmael Yamson, an economist, has expressed "frustration" at the slow rate of growth in the nation and attributed the issue to poor leadership, corruption, and greed.

Now, on September 21, 2022, during an interactive session with some young people in Accra, he claimed that compared to today, living conditions were better for people during the colonial period up to independence.

Dr. Yamson, a management expert as well, recalled events from the colonial era when he claimed that his grandpa, a farmer, could make enough money from selling a bag of cocoa for 13 shillings to support his 26 children, grandchildren, and nephews.

The 80-year-old man declared, "Today, all of our farmers are poor," and continued, "If you take the life of an average Ghanaian today, it is much worse than what I experienced."

"I have observed Ghana from the time of colonization until now... I was alive during King George VI's reign, which preceded that of Queen Elizabeth II and the independence agitations, and I can tell you that colonial rule, the period leading up to independence, and the Republican Era was all better for me than the present, according to Dr. Yamson.

The Passionate Africa Leadership Institute's events for the 2022 Inter-Generational Dialogue included his meeting with the young on Wednesday (PALI).

Dr. Yamson cited corruption and greed as the two main problems impeding growth.

He claimed that until an administration emerges that declares its desire to leave a legacy devoid of corruption and greed, the nation will not advance.

He asked everyone in the country who held leadership positions to build on what had been left to them and seek to improve the lives of the populace.

"My frustration has been that our leaders have not handled this country with enough vision and integrity. Our leaders haven't merely done what they claimed they would, according to Dr. Yamson.

Ghana is not lacking in people of goodwill or good minds. Our issue is that we are crooked and greedy when it comes to carrying out those goals, and those things will never let us advance," he said.

Dr. Yamson also raised concern about how firms are unable to continue and grow following the passing of their founders.

He noticed that many companies operated according to the founder's wishes without suitable structures or succession plans.

"One of our greatest tragedies is that many of our business owners pass away along with their enterprises...

According to Dr. Yamson, because the company is managed entirely within the founder's mind, it ceases to exist when he passes away.

The young people were exhorted to "stand up," refrain from corruption and greed, and cast their votes for a leader who would improve their lot in life.

The Dialogue, according to Mr. Frank Paa Kumi, Convener for PALI, was a part of initiatives aimed at connecting young people with notable individuals so that they can share their experiences with them.

According to him, the organization anticipates having a positive impact on a large number of young people to build an army of young people who will positively contribute to the growth of the country.

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