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Interesting information is starting to surface regarding the tragic occurrence involving Munira Moro's murder, which took place lately in Abeka, Accra.

According to reports, detectives have finished their investigation and can now bury the deceased.

Previously, her older brother Samba, a resident of Mamobi in the Greater Accra Region's Ayawaso North Constituency, had refused to have the deceased's remains buried right away. He desired that the treatment be followed by a careful inquiry.

He was able to control his trauma after witnessing his sister's body in such a horrible manner when The Daily Guide spoke to him.

Following the murder, there have been two competing ideas put forth, one of which suggests that her ex-boyfriend, who had heavily invested in her schooling, was responsible for the crime. This, however, quickly vanished into thin air because the claim lacked substance and was abandoned by detectives in their hunt for information about the heinous crime.

From an audio by a social commentator by the name of Hajara Burkina, which has become popular in Zongo communities, the Daily Guide has learned that on the crucial day, the first wife is alleged to have asked her mother-in-law to go with her to visit her premature baby at a hospital.

Despite her having her own vehicle, the two of them traveled in a cab.

The dead body being dumped in the first wife's chamber was allegedly done so as a hoax, according to another report. There would be no question that she committed the crime, and having the victim's remains in her chamber would actually win more people over to her side.

until learning of this most recent information.

Up until the release of this material, she did garner a lot of sympathy.

The Hausa poem Hajara Burkina, which describes the murder of Munira, who passed away 10 days after her wedding, speaks volumes.

"The woman was not murdered by a group to which she belonged, as some people have suspected. She claimed on the audio that the first wife and her brother were responsible for the murder.

She claimed that the first wife had a preterm baby and that on that fatal day she did not drive her own car but instead took a taxi to the hospital to visit the baby with her mother-in-law and children, leaving no one at home.

The first wife "requested her mother-in-law wait in the hospital as she returned to the house with the same taxi driver, pausing briefly on the route to pick her brother up," Hajara Burkina continued after she arrived at the aforementioned hospital.

Hajara Burkina claimed that the first wife and her brother entered as they arrived at the home where the bride was, as she begged the cab driver to hold.

The cab driver entered the premises to find out why his customer had not yet emerged after an excessively long wait. He returned to the car and waited after she questioned him, stating that she would be paying him for the job after all. They struck the woman in the head with a metal object, killing her instantly with the help of her brother. To create a plausible illusion, they moved the dead body into the suspected murderer's room.

She changed after the crime, picked up her brother who had fallen en route, and went back to the hospital without first locking the room.

The narration went on to describe how she and her mother-in-law left the hospital and came home as if nothing had occurred.

According to reports, the suspect's cell phone had crucial clues that the investigators are currently using. In the tape, Hajara Burkina stated in Hausa, "I wish to explain that the first wife and her brother murdered the customs officer, aged 32, who was a resident of Mamobi in Accra but moved to Abeka after she got married."

Hajara Burkina continued, "The husband had a Mamprusi woman as a wife before marrying the suspect, with whom they have five children." Due to the marriage's numerous problems, the lady left it and moved back to the North, and the guy then wed the suspect.

Hajara Burkina stated that the husband had a previous marriage to a Mamprusi woman before he wed the suspect, with whom they have five children. She claimed in the recording, "After the woman left the marriage and went back to the North as a result of ongoing troubles in the marriage, the man then married the suspect."

She continued by saying that the husband now struggles mentally as a result of killing Munira Moro.

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