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Speaker of parliament,RT Hon Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin who is a member of Ghana bar association has withdrawn himself from the association.

Mr Bagbin said the behaviour of famous lawyer association has alot of problems and worried about its position on matters of national interest.

The speaker of parliament made a delegacy when a delegation from a freshly created association of lawyer's :The law society of Ghana (LSG) paid urbanity call to him at his office

MP for south Dayi ,who led the LSG as an acting president ,Hon Rockson Nelson Dafeamapkor went to speaker of office the congratulate him on his new position as the President of commonwealth association of leaders.

The opportunity was to inform the speaker about the origin LSG and its contribution to nation building

The law society of Ghana ia an association of lawyers and law students who seek fight against injustices in all forms.

To Mr Defeakpor ,the group has realized that the have gone out of from core mandate in terms of fairness

He also added that alot of things done by the association are discharge with partisan colours and some members of the GBA are excluded

The main arm of LSG ,said by Defeakpor is to take care of "welfare of lawyer's "and "push for reform in the Ghana legal system for instance the judicial system control on the training of legal personnel"

The MP also added that there is intention to connect with alot of globally recognized association of lawyers such as west African lawyers association,African lawyer's association,Pan African lawyers association etc.

Mr speaker also indicated that the law society of Ghana is good since it is going to throw light on Ghana globally more especially with the global connections

On his opinion alot of people were worried at state of GBA and their actions

"I am no longer a member of GBA " he said this and explained that he did seem to benefit from the association.

GBA is now an association of elites ,said by speaker Bagbin

Explaining that he use to pay dues religiously but latet realized that any lawyer that attended the public tribunal was not recognise and made his intereste on GBA dimindiminished.

"I will support the LSG wholeheartedly and with the right opportunities irrespective of the numbers of members so long as we are focused and committed, we can make tremendous waves, his assurances.

Ghanaians have the brian power to capitalize on "for our benefit " but "the quest for value and what is right always take us to places and i believed LSG will be one of the pillarsof such a culture to take us to places as country ".

He further advice the LSG to come up with reasoned options and critique law reports and publishe themin journals.

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