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The midterm report during the World Cup break for Fantasy Premier League 2022/23 

report from the FPL gurus after 16 gameweeks of activity because the Fantasy Premier League is taking a break for the World Cup. 

In their most recent article, Holly Shand and Wes Prickett (FPL Heisenberg) examine the key lessons learned from the first half of the season, rank the most unexpected players, and talk about their strategy for when FPL resumes after the World Cup. 

What has the first half of the FPL season taught you the most?

Therefore, having the Triple Captain, Bench Boost, and Free Hit will be extremely helpful. 

What was your worst forecast or biggest blunder? 

Hannah Shand Erling Haaland's lack of preseason playing time and lack of conditioning led me to anticipate a sluggish start for him. I was completely mistaken in my judgment! He might finish the season as the player with the most points in FPL history thanks to one of the fastest starts in Premier League history. He has been my game's most productive asset during my time playing it. Fortunately, I have had him since Gameweek 2! 

Pedro Neto is the FPL Heisenberg. I had hoped he would be a reasonable alternative for the money, but it didn't turn out that way.

Which player has most pleasantly surprised you, and why? 

Miguel Almiron, says Holly Shand. He had previously produced nine goals and six assists in three and a half seasons, so I categorically ignored him for weeks since I didn't think his performance was sustainable. He has, however, already tallied eight goals and two assists this season and shows no signs of slowing down. This, coupled with strong underpinning statistics, leads one to believe that these returns can be sustained. 

FPL Heisenberg: Miguel Almiron is the only candidate. Almiron had a fantastic preseason, and with Newcastle improving, I thought he would have his greatest season ever while wearing a Newcastle jersey, but I didn't believe he would be as good as he has been. In the second part of the season, he will be a big asset.

Which athlete has let you down the most, and why? 

Trent Alexander-Arnold was one of the first players listed on my Gameweek 1 team sheet, but he hasn't produced much and is a big reason why Liverpool hasn't been able to keep many clean sheets so far this year. He personifies the decline of the top defensive players in the game this year.

FPL Heisenberg: Trent Alexander-Arnold most likely. He had such high expectations, so it came as a shock to all of us when the attacking started up again and the clean sheets stopped. He has had a terrible season thus far, with the exception of the significant haul in the Bournemouth game. 

What individuals and teams are on your radar with Gameweek 17 less than a month away? 

Holly Shand: Arsenal's assets should be a major factor because they were the team that won the Premier League over the holiday season. I'll probably choose three of their assets.

Despite the uneven quality of their schedule, they are likely to provide the stability we want. 

Heisenberg, FPL It's crucial to refrain from thinking about this at this time; otherwise, you risk becoming fixated on a particular player and finding yourself unable to change your opinion as Gameweek 17 approaches. I won't start to consider my FPL team until roughly seven days before the start of Gameweek 17. When that time comes, we'll have a lot more data at our disposal.

In the second part of the season, will your strategy change? 

Hannah Shand For the start of the Premier League, I'm tempted to use a 3-5-2 formation and, if I can fit them in, three premium players because, in FPL, you get what you pay for! Double gameweeks and the remaining chips in the second half of the season must be taken into consideration. 

FPL Heisenberg: Possibly it will be simpler to assemble a strong team while switching from two to three premiums now that we are aware of who the best budget enablers are. In light of how consistently players like Haaland, Kane, De Bruyne, and Salah have performed, I will continue to use the 3-4-5 formation and will seriously consider using three premiums.

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