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Some Curses in FIFA World Cup


1. FIFA ranking curse: Since December 1992 FIFA introduced FIFA ranking. Any nation who participate in the world cup topping the FIFA World ranking should count itself out from the title race. In USA 1994 Germany was topping the FIFA ranking, that year Brazil won it, In France 1998 Brazil was topping the FIFA ranking, France won it, In 2002 France was topping the FIFA ranking *Brazil won it, In 2014 Spain was leading the FIFA ranking but Germany won it, In 2018 Belgium was leading the FIFA ranking France won it. This year Brazil is leading the FIFA ranking for that Brazil should count itself from the title race. Since 1992 that curse is still there till date. Investors should be careful.


2. Ballon d'or curse Any player going into the mundial the next year such player should count himself out of the title race. When you wins the ballon d'or this year and next year going to the FIFA World cup such player cannot win the world cup. E.g Micheal Owen won the ballon d'or  in 2001 the following year England coundnt win the tournament. Ronaldinho was a *ballon d'or winner in 2005, in 2006 Brazil failed to win the tournament. Messi in 2009 and Ronaldo 2013 both failed to win mundial the following year. This shows clearly that, that curse exist. Benzema won it's own this year and the world cup is taking off this year. Can he break that curse?


3. Defending champions curse Aside Italy who wins the 1934 and defend it in1938 and Brazil won the tournsment in 1958 and defended it in 1962, Since then going into the world cup as defending champions cannot qualify from the group stages. From 2006,Italy was the defending champion in group H Paraguay, New zealand, Slovakia and Italy. Italy was last in that group. Again *2010 Spain was the winner, in 2014 group A, Netherland, Spain, Chile, Australia, Spain could not qualify from the group stages. That curse still exist. Again Germany was the winner in 2014, in 2018 in a group F of Sweden, Mexico, South Korea,Germany. In this group Germany had only 3 points and could  not qualify.  Can France break that curse to qualify from their stages ?


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