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University of Ghana Fees ! 

-a high estimation

University of Ghana Fees !

A research estimation from @tsikata , a student of the University of Ghana reveals the likely cost of academic tuitions and residential  .His estimates are high .He is rated 80% confidence for his findings .Let take a look at his findings

Traditional halls :Ghc 612    -     GHc 751 per semester

Diaspora halls  :Ghc 1960   -  GHc 2000 per semester

Academic fees :Not long ago ,representatives of the University Students Association of Ghana (USAG) paid a courtesy call on the President H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo- Addo and addressed him on the issues affecting the ordinary day student of the various universities nationwide as they foresee  a possible fee increment which will be caused by the rate of inflation across the various institutions.

‘’Assuming the meeting isn’t fruitful,be expecting  a 20% to 50% increment of fees from last year.For example ,I paid GHc 1098 last year so this year,50% will amount to  Ghc 1647.That is likely the amount I will be paying if it is increased by 50%,hopefully less ,though it can be more than that amount  so if we  are lucky ,say 20/30/40% that saves you some money from what you initially budgeted to pay.

.Same applies to fee paying and distant students too.I understand we all have different academic value so use your old fee and do the calculation to prepare towards it.

Incoming Level 200’s should use the old fees of the continuing students to calculate,not the amount you paid in level 100.” -tsikata

Note that this is an  estimation from his research work which he believes is likely to be possible.His is however rated 80% confidence by informant360.

Let us keep our fingers crossed and lets hope that our fees will be made affordable than before .Don’t forget to prepare adequately for the fees.








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