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Declan Rice, a West Ham midfielder, has discussed his ambitions, and it is likely that Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United have taken note of his remarks.

The three teams are all keeping a close eye on the player because he is one of many potential midfield targets they have ahead of the summer transfer season in 2023.

Rice is on the short list of players being considered by all three Premier League powerhouses, and they also want to compete for Borussia Dortmund's Jude Bellingham.Nonetheless, despite the fact that these teams prefer the 23-year-old England native's teammate, he is regarded as a formidable option.

However, West Ham will make it more difficult for Rice to leave the club. He was in good form for David Moyes' struggling team before the World Cup break, and the Hammers have made it clear that any deal must be worth more than £100 million, making him the most expensive English football player in history. Prior to the break, he was in good form for David Moyes' struggling team.Rice has not stated explicitly that he wishes to leave the team, but he has accepted that he is looking forward to bigger and better things in his life.

During a press conference, he responded as follows: "100%. I'd love to compete in future World Cups. It's been two to three years since I've said it.

"I've been doing exceptionally well for my club, and I intend to keep working hard. There are a few of my close friends in this room right now, and I recognize that they have won major championships such as the Champions League.You can only work in one field. Finally, you should reflect on your accomplishments as well as the most significant competitions you've participated in. I have a lot of goals in life.

Rice on the Move

Rice's goals have not been met by West Ham, and it is clear that the player believes he is destined for greater things as a result.Because his current contract is set to expire in 2024, the upcoming summer will be his team's final meaningful opportunity to profit from him.

Rice's likely destination may be determined by which teams qualify for the Champions League the following season if no club spends large sums of money on a surprise January move. This is due to the fact that Chelsea, Manchester United, and Liverpool have all had difficult seasons. Rice's likely transfer destination may be determined by the fact that all three of these teams are having a difficult season.

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