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Trainees at various Colleges of Education are facing challenges as a result of the strike.

Initially, trainees were denied meals following the industrial action but later some Colleges were fed twice a day. The trainees at the various Colleges of Education are waiting patiently for the leadership of College tutors to call off the strike but to no avail.

The strike action also affected the academic activities of the semester. As a matter of fact, level 200s in colleges are supposed to start their End of second Semester Examination and vacate on Friday , 9th December according to the academic calendar.

Moreover, trainees at various colleges are looking forward to tutors to contemporize them concerning their examinations but the leadership of the College of Teacher Association of Ghana ,(CETAG) is indecisive. 

The recent meeting held by CETAG  and the various stakeholders yield no positive result therefore concerned trainees at some colleges have finally taken a decision. 

The concerned Level 200 trainees at Ada College of Education are expressing their views to the College of Education Teachers Association of Ghana, (CETAG) that if by Friday, 9th December 2022 they have not been addressed, they will depart to their various homes.

The Level 300s are also appealing to CETAG to vacate them so that they can prepare for next semester's out program despite the fact that the request of CETAG is not fulfilled .

Therefore  the  trainees at various Colleges are pleading with the government to called-off the strike.

The presidents of Colleges affiliated to University, Kwame Nkrumah university Of Sciences and Technology, KNUST held a consensus concerning the suspension of End of second Semester Examination and compromise that the examination should be written January 2023 with the some reasons: 

1. To make the students prepare adequately to write the exams. 

2. New arrangement for the next year examination be made available to students as soon as prior at least giving three weeks notice to make them prepare towards it and so on. 

The students are petitioning to President of Colleges affiliated to University of Education, UEW, the University of Cape Coat, and the University of Ghana, to also takes bold steps to suspend the examination this year. 

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