February 6th , 2023



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Here is the complete assertion:

The Association of International Certification Schools (ASICS) has been made aware of the ongoing conflict between one of its member schools, Association International School, and a former parent of the school, whose wards are no longer enrolled at the school but are requesting transcripts without paying back-school fees.

We would like to highlight that Association International School is a highly regarded institution that has made a significant contribution to the growth of top-notch human capital both domestically and abroad.

The school has changed into a first-rate educational center operated with laudable professionalism, commitment, and care for the needs of children and the increasing number of parents they serve thanks to the visionary leadership of the present head, Mrs. Audrey Doryumu.

Our comprehension of the current deadlock.

Our understanding is that a contract stating that any necessary official documents would not be issued until all unpaid fees were paid in full was signed by the parent and the school upon enrollment to the school.

The majority of educational institutions across the world, including those in Ghana, follow this protocol. Therefore, what the school is asking of Mrs. Avle is not a fresh demand being made on her personally, but rather an application of school protocol which Mrs. Avle agreed to when she enrolled her children in the school and which has been in existence for many years.

Here, the question of collaboration and trust among those involved in education is in play. In good faith and on the condition that the unpaid fees would be paid, the school administration permitted the kids to stay enrolled. Expulsion of the pupils would have been an alternative.

We would want to clarify that paying school fees at the start of the term or semester is anticipated in most private educational institutions, if not all of them. However, many schools allow pupils to attend even when they have not paid to help parents who might be having financial difficulties. Many schools are willing to do this in the sincere hope that the fees would be paid by what was promised.

Recommendation from us.

We apologize that this matter has reached the judicial level.

Our true aim and intention were that this issue is resolved between Management and Parents in the pleasant "family environment" that pervades AIS, or in the event of that, that recourse is sought within the larger network of international private schools now represented by ASICS. We think that this choice is still viable.

my heartfelt thanks,

Elizabeth Adjepong


The Ghanaian Association of International Certificate Schools

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