March 24th , 2023


Saint Rose

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  • Flawsome_poetry, [7/29/2020 6:56 AM]


Being with someone acting so senseless

Simply being you without chains

Nothing holding you down going so crazy

With your imperfections rolling openly

Better believe it they're the ones who don't pass judgment

Tolerating you cherishing you without no resentment

Figuring out you from the search in your eyes

Getting your quiet embracing you without inquiring as to why

Despite the fact that you don't have a similar blood

They're family with a mystical bond

 So Hard so uncommon to find

Also, you're fortunate with them assuming that you wind

They loan you a hand

At the point when you're down

At the point when you were unable to stand

They help you not to suffocate

In a world loaded with reproductions

They're the firsts

So this to you my companions my cherished once

This sonnet of my affection to you It's simply a look

An Expanse of words won't be sufficient

Am so thankful For you all to have

Tnx for being there for me

In My high points and low points

Tnx for not giving up

For tolerating my stream

For drawing the grin all over

For the off-kilter minutes for the absurdity

Your adoration care support which is unending

Tnx for having me covered

In those days when I was worn out to walk

For being close by

Tnx for making this life a pleasant ride

Send this 2 your rl freinds

Show them how much ur favored 2 have them



Flawsome_poetry, [7/29/2020 9:46 AM]

Can't stand THOSE Sentiments

I can't stand those sentiments

That burge in excluded

Step in where not needed

I continue to hammer the door🚪

They sneak in through windows

With windows shut

They burge in through secondary passages sudden

Continue to bounce in through that rooftop

They b flaunting my goof

Uncovering wt I been hidin'

Adding more to my plate

Leavin me glidin'

Battling to keep mama eyes dry

At the point when they burge in I can't resist the urge to cry😭😭

Uncovering me at my most vulnerable

Going after when I can't help it

I can't stand those sentiments

That burge in excluded

Step in where not needed

Sentiments I can't communicate

Feelings I subdue

One day will explode🔥

Leavin me uncovered

The more grounded 💪I stay

The more unpleasant the way🛣

The harder I fight👊

The more profound the alarm

Leavin me vulnerably

on the floor

Creeping my direction to the entryway

filtering for z exit

No more fights...retreat

What if may be🤔

This was intended to be

Yet, wt assuming that I give some more

Before I let it go

However, life is a decision

A jury u can't foresee.

Disdain those sentiments that

That burge in excluded

Step in where not needed

🥰🥰 you all



Flawsome_poetry, [7/29/2020 3:48 PM]


I miss those Grin

At the point when I had not a care in the world

Hearing those ideal stories

Definitely that radiance in my eyes

Before I knew the falsehoods

I miss when everything was straightforward

At the point when I didn't stress over the considerations of individuals

At the point when my pages weren't this dull

No doubt when I had the flash

Before my face changed to unmistakable

When Nothing was keeping me down

I Wish when I shut my eyes

All the aggravation proceeds to fly

The bead of tears dries

I want to be back in time

At the point when it was not this rime

Definitely when it was warm

This fury I need to pack

Myself no more I would rather not hurt

Yet, I don't have the foggiest idea how

What would it be advisable for me I keep what would it be advisable for me I toss

That grin all over to draw

Like I utilized too 2 shine