The champions league is the biggest soccer tournament besides national leagues. Some European teams are constantly playing in the league because they finish at the top of their country’s league. Each nation has a score that is given to them depending on the success of their clubs. This score will determine how many teams from the country will go directly to the group stage or go to the Europa league.

If you have experience with the Premier League predictions, you would know that the UK league has 4 sports in the group stage of CL and one in the Europa League. It isn’t the only league that has 4 sports guaranteed. Other big leagues also have them, including Serie A and La Liga.

When you compare international leagues or tournaments with national leagues, you will find out that it’s much easier to predict the outcome of national league games. It’s very hard to predict the outcome of the group stage of the champions league, but even in the round of 16, you can’t be sure who will go through.

Opening Day

Almost half of the teams that are in the Champions League can be considered favorites because they have a really strong team. The first day of the round of 16 starts with the most interesting match of this series between PSG and Bayern Munich. Both teams are favorites, but there are more fans on the PSG side because they have some of the most popular players in the world.

Especially after winning the World Cup, Messi became even more popular, and he will definitely try to win one more CL so he can break more records. On the other hand, Mbappe is one of the young players that changed the game and he’s definitely the one that will break future records.

But Bayern isn’t the team that will allow PSG to get an easy win which they managed to do many times in history. They have a really strong team with Mane on their side from the last season. Even without Mane, they are on a winning streak in the league with 13 games without defeat. You might be better of with Premier League picks when you have hard matches like this one in CL.

Champions League Favorites

Besides PSG and Bayern, there are some serious candidates to win the league, including the last champion Real Madrid. They have an amazing team that didn’t have any Spanish players in a few league games, but that only means that it’s a really competitive league for players where everyone wants to join them.

Another favorite will go against Real Madrid, and that will be the same match as the last final. Liverpool will go against the Spanish team, and the game will be interesting, like PSG vs Bayern. There aren’t too many new names joining these teams, but that only means they are used to playing with each other.

The last two teams that can be considered favorites include Napoli and Manchester City. Most people believe that Manchester City has the best chances besides PSG because they have Haaland. But Napoli did an amazing job in the group stage, and it became very difficult for any team to score against them.

Champions League Predictions

There’s still enough time to think about the games before the Champions League starts. You can still manage to make Premier League predictions today before focusing on the CL. The odds for these matches are already available, and it might be the best time to make a but if you are sure that major changes won’t happen in the teams.

The biggest favorite is still Manchester City, but some bookmakers think that Bayern has more chances than PSG because they are going against each other in the round of 16. This is like a final before the final, but we will see if teams like Inter or Dortmund can surprise us.