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A year ago

After a military incursion in the town that resulted in the death of a young military member, Imoro Sherrif, Charles Owusu, the former head of the monitoring section of the Forestry Commission, has fired bullets at critics who are calling for justice for the citizens of Ashaiman.

The body of Imoro Sherrif, who was found slain in Ashaiman, was put to rest by Islamic customs.

His passing sparked a response from the military, which raided the neighborhood, dragged several inhabitants out of their houses, and beat some of them into a stupor.

Certain human rights groups and activists, along with former president John Dramani Mahama and the Member of Parliament for the area, Ernest Henry Norgbey, have denounced the military's conduct, which their official's claim was a sanctioned operation.

"The young age at which one of our men passed away in Ashaiman really saddens me. I understand the impact such unforeseen fatalities have on the Force as your previous Commander in Chief.

The former President said on Facebook, "But, I urge you to exhibit restraint and allow due process to investigate, capture, prosecute, and punish the perpetrator(s) of the wicked deed.

Added him; "As the government and state institutions take immediate action to address this potentially inflammatory development between Ashaiman and the Ghana Armed Forces, including providing commensurate compensation for all persons affected, I pray that we find peace and harmony in our dear country.

According to reports, the Ashaiman MP is preparing to sue the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) for the injustice done to the locals on March 7, 2023.

Charles Owusu, however, challenges the critics by questioning why they are not exerting the same effort to seek justice for the victim who was killed by some unidentified assailants in the neighborhood.

Although he is unhappy about the harm done to the locals, he still thinks it was vital to take action to prevent more instances of such heinous assaults.

"Now, take a look at the number of news conferences taking place only because some individuals have been hurt. Because you cannot equate damage to death, I use the word "just". Watch the morning, midday, and evening news briefings.

Many are holding the act in disapproval, but what about the victim? Who needs justice between the injured and the dead? he asked.

He emphasized that he was sending a clear message to the people of Ashaiman and to all Ghanaians, saying, "Under no circumstances do you have the right to claim the life of a person. Nothing can excuse you from killing someone, thus it doesn't matter.

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