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Donald Trump says he hopes to be captured on Tuesday and has encouraged his allies to send off mass fights.

However, his attorney stated that the former president's post was based on media reports and that there had been no communication from law enforcement.

Mr. Trump's possible indictment has been under consideration by the prosecution. It might arrive next week, according to reports.

It would be the first criminal case ever brought against a former US president if he is indicted.

The alleged hush money paid to porn star Stormy Daniels by Mr. Trump's lawyer prior to the 2016 presidential election is the focus of this case.

The 76-year-old is being investigated in a number of cases, but he has not yet been charged in any of them and denies any wrongdoing in any of them.

Even if Mr. Trump is indicted, he has pledged to continue his campaign to become the Republican nominee for president in 2024.

An indictment could have the same effect as previous efforts to investigate him, such as the Russia investigation and the Mar-a-Lago raid, both of which resulted in impeachment trials.

He is not yet known if he will be charged with a crime this week or even what those charges might be in broad strokes.

This, on the other hand, is a journey into uncharted territory given that the former president has predicted an arrest and called for widespread protests.

Mr. Trump has a devoted following, and the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, carried out by his supporters in response to his numerous calls for protest, has demonstrated that even a delicate situation can quickly degenerate into violence.

"Illegal leaks" from the Manhattan district attorney's office "indicate" Mr. Trump would be arrested on Tuesday, he wrote on his social networking site Truth Social on Saturday.

The office of the district attorney has not commented yet. Susan Necheles, Mr. Trump's lawyer, stated that her team had not received any communication from law enforcement.

She stated, "Since this is a political prosecution, the district attorney's office has engaged in a practice of leaking everything to the press, rather than communicating with President Trump's attorneys as would be done in a normal case." This is due to the fact that the case is being prosecuted on a political basis. "An outrageous abuse of power by a radical DA [district attorney]" is what Republican Speaker of the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy has said about the investigation.

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