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Two electricians have been charged with defrauding a businesswoman of GH1,500 under the guise of procuring her an ECG meter modem. They reportedly pretended to be employees of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG). 

The two, Perry Kumi Asamoah and Samuel Afful Kenneth, are accused of conspiring on seven charges, including tampering with the supplier's distribution system, defrauding by false pretense, and forging documents.

Currently at large is their suspected accomplice, whose name was only supplied as Isaac.

When Asamoah and Kenneth came before the court presided over by Bright Samuel Acquah, they entered a plea of not guilty to the accusations.

They each have a single surety and have been granted bail in the amount of GH10,000.

On June 1, 2023, they must return before the court.  Disconnection

The General Manager in charge of prosecutions at the ECG, Paul Assibi Abariga, described the events to the court by stating that on January 25, 2023, the accused contacted the complainant in her home and identified themselves as members of the ECG on a meter monitoring operation.

He said that the complainant had directed the suspects to her ECG meter. 

He said that Asamoah then opened the meter, produced a component, and displayed it to the complainant before charging her with making an unauthorized connection.

On the basis of this, the prosecution asserted that the accused individuals shut off the complainant's power.

The accused men wanted GH$3,000 from the plaintiff to restore the electricity, notwithstanding her pleas for restoration.

The electricity was restored when the complainant's husband handed them GH 1,500 via mobile money after being notified of the situation, he said. 


According to Mr. Abariga, the complainant, who wasn't happy with the way the accused people were acting, reported the incident to the ECG Revenue Protection Unit, which sent it to the ECG Investigation Unit.

He said that on May 5, 2023, the accused individuals went to another ECG client in Ogbojo, Accra, using the same method. The client phoned the ECG office for confirmation, which resulted in Asamoah and Kenneth's detention.

He said that throughout the inquiry, a search of the two accused individuals turned up two identity cards with their names and images on them.

the corresponding serial numbers 193955 and 193954.

A cell phone with a Tigo chip was used to accept money from the complainant's spouse, and summonses were issued based on the ECG, which looked to be falsified.

"Additional investigations also showed that the two ID cards' barcodes belonged to the late Kingsley Darko, a former employee of the ECG.

In each caution statement, the accused individuals confessed to the charges brought against them.

The third accused individual is being sought after, the prosecutor added. 

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